Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What to Wear - Senior Guys

Single most important thing about what to wear for Senior Guys is…
 DRESS LIKE YOU!!!! Pick outfits that you feel comfortable in.
 Feel free to bring anything you might be passionate about… an instrument, your car, sporting equipment etc. 

 Bright colors look AWESOME!!!

Bring School jerseys!
 Layers look great too!!
 And don't forget your SHOES!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Ah… April 14th.  The day I became a mom.  Yep, today is Melia's 11th birthday and we have had a jam packed weekend celebrating!
But before our celebrations began we met up with Ryker, for his 3 month milestone pictures!  Man, what a gorgeous day!!  And he was such a good sport! Does he has the sweetest little mouth ever!!!
He thinks his dad is so silly!
 Okay, I am sorry… but I would like to curl up in a fur lined basket and just hang out underneath with the tree branches! 
 Of course, I couldn't resist the piggies!
 What a great way to kick off the weekend end! 
Now, I am getting off this computer and getting back to playing with my girlies!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maternity Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Well, we are closing in on Friday and I have high hopes for a much better Friday this week than last week!!  Much better indeed!!  This weekend we will be celebrating our oldest, Melia is turning 11 and to celebrate we are going to see The Thorn on Saturday and a birthday party with the family on Sunday! 
But before I get too carried away with my plans… let's talk about Alicia shall we?
 I met up with Alicia and her mom yesterday afternoon for her maternity shoot.  Alicia is staying with her mom until the baby is born (due the end of May), her husband will be joining her in May. In the meantime, he is roughy it at home, in the Bahamas.  Yes… you read me correctly.
 The Bahamas, sand, sun… well you get the picture.  
Alicia was hoping for spring flowers, but since we don't get flowers around here until mid June or so, we had to get creative. 
But, I was very happy with the end result… I think the colors are stunning and give the photos are real Colorado spring time feel. 
 To say I had fun on this shoot would be an understatement.  
I had the best time.  I was so inspired by all the different elements.

 I am pretty excited about the newborn shoot too… we are going with a Sailor theme.
Did I mention that baby's dad is a Captain (the sea fairing kind)?!?

 Yikes! Rod just walked in that means it's dinner time.  That means I shouldn't sitting here anymore!!
Till next time!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  Yesterday was Rod's birthday so we had some fun celebrating with him.  But I kicked off my weekend with Mr. Nolan.  Oh my goodness what a sweet baby!
I love this picture of him and his mama… I like it so much it might just be my favorite of the day.
And this is his big sister, Emily (she's a fave of mine too!!)
I just love those sweet baby profiles!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE
 His proud Papa! Hmm… they really look quite a bit alike don't they?
 Ummm…  How precious is that?  Love those little fingers!
 I am so happy for this wonderful family!  
Congrats, Zane, Kerri & Emily!!  

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Family Photography in Castle Pines, CO

Okay, one more Sunday peek, because tomorrow Spring Break is officially over and it is back to school for the Cooksey's! So… I must maximize my time!
 On Friday, at least I think it was Friday I was with the Higgs family (Jennifer - above and Michelle - below are friends from church) they were all together in one place at the same time so a family photo was definitely in order. 

 Now… you could tell these were California folks because it was B-Ea-utiful outside and they were all wearing parkas between each photo.  Purdy funny if you ask me!
 I am just wondering… if you are the only granddaughter, do you get spoiled?!?!?! 
Thoughts to ponder...

 I love this photo of the cousins, walking on the bridge.  I just do.

 I also love this happy smiles! Beautiful!

We had to steal a quick pic of Michelle with all her boys.  LOVE.