Sunday, August 30, 2015

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Hello! And happy Sunday!

I have just a few minutes before we load up the car and head to Arvada to take Miss Melanie's senior pictures!  So… While Rod watches football and the girls are being quiet upstairs (hmmm…)
 I thought I would take a few minutes to get this sneak peek up on the blog. 
 No better way to spend a beautiful Friday night, than taking pictures of one of my very favorite families. Brock and Beth have been so faithful to me and my business over the past 6 years!
 In fact, my first shoot with them was with Gavin when he was just 3 months old. Now look at him!
And ya wanna know something else… the day we took these pictures was actually his birthday!
 Oh Maddie… such a beauty!
 Ryanne actually got to come with me on this shoot.  We had to switch nights because of bad weather and I didn't realize that Rod had to work, and Melia was baby sitting, so… we divided and conquered.  
Ryanne went with me, and Sabrina went with Rod. 

 Okay, in the photo below… look at Gavin's foot, no shoe!  That little stinker, he kept kicking it off (forward, towards me) and I would tell him to put in back on.  But he is super sneaky!!  I didn't catch it when he slipped it off behind his other foot!!  
 But just look at the smile!!!  He was just grinning, knowing that he was getting away with it!  
Not one photo with his shoe on (of course, that make me love this picture all the more!)
 We found some roses that matched the one in Maddie's hair just perfect!
 Oh, Gavin...
 The one below is my favorite of the two kids together. 
 I love when they just do something all on their own!


 Love! Love! Love!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Portrait Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Couple of nights ago, I had the privilege of taking photos of one of my very favorite people.
We usually have her greatest fans in tow, but tonight it was all about her and what a fun time we had.
I was a bit frustrated when I got there… the wind was blowing like crazy and we had already rescheduled once because of ran and she had just had her hair done!!
 But we decided to stick with it and that was a good decision.  The wind finally settled and we were able to do the shoot. 
 There is a memorial brick there in memory of someone very special to her so she asked to have a photo taken with it… somehow.  I really love how this turned out. I am glad she pointed it out to me.
 Can I point out that the Queen Ann's lace is almost as tall as she is???  Yes, she is standing!
and can I also point out that I know that is Queen Ann's Lace!!
 Okay, it just so happened that I was walking down the street with a friend today and we saw some, and I was telling her about the tall stuff I saw during this shoot and she told me it was Queen Ann's Lace but still…
 Okay, the one below may be my favorite… I just love it!
 But holy moly, that one below is one pretty thing after another!!!

 She was such a good sport!!
So much fun!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

 Dropping in for a quick sneak peek of Patrick!
He is a 2016 Senior of Heritage High School.
Where he is a swimmer, did you know that have a pool right there at the school. 
I can assure you school did not have a pool, we did however, have a pea green rubber gym floor. 
Oh man, you do not want to fall on a rubber floor… oh the rubber burns!
 Did I mention that younger brother, Nicolas came along?
 So Patrick is hoping that he will continue his swimming career in college, which he hopes will be out of state.  I believe he mentioned University of Cincinnati. 
 Well, the fall rush is upon me so, I must be off!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

 One more sneak peek from this weekend, last night I was with Leeah all the way for Thornton!
 She is a 2016 Senior at Skyview High School.
She plays volleyball and tennis, but doesn't plan to pursue sports in college, 
 but instead, what's to study to be a Physician's Assistant. 
 I really enjoyed my time with Leeah, she was very sweet and so easy to chat with, 
I love that trait in a teenager! 
 Today Rod and I got a surprise date when the girlies went with the Uncle Glen and Aunt Wendy to some bike race in Downtown Denver. 
 We hit a movie (The man from U.N.C.L.E - it was pretty good) and then met up with them at the Tavern for fried pickles! YUM!
 Now… it's off to bed, nice and early because we are restarting school tomorrow!
Nighty Night!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Newborn Photographer in Parker, CO

Time for another sneak peek, this time it's Deacon!
Just one week old today!!
Good grief, Caitlyn…  could you be any prettier?!?!
 On my goodness, this is the coziest little baby I have ever met!  
When I arrived he was all cuddled up barely able to be seen and when I left and cozy, bundled again and happy as a little clam!
 He was a joy to work with, there was only one thing that I asked him to do, that he flat our refused.
In the world of newborns, that is a big fat A+

 This is my second Cain Baby!  
Big brother Ryker is only 18 months old!  (Isn't he handsome?!)

Ryker even let us get a photo of him with his little brother!
So… adorable!
 I took this same photo of Caitlynn and Ryker.   I loved it so much I had take it again with Deacon.