Saturday, July 22, 2017

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

Just dropping in for another sneak peek.  This time it is Cara (who just happens to be my next door neighbor) a 2018 Senior at Douglas County High School!!
Cara is not sure where she wants to go to college yet, but she does know that she wants to study nursing. Certainly,  can't go wrong with nursing!
 We had some what a "weird moment" while taking the photo below... this older gentleman walked by whipped out his phone and started taking pictures of Cara.  We were all a little dumb founded! 
Tip of the day, even if you think the scenery is pretty it is never appropriate to take a photo of someone else's kid! 

 Thankfully we never saw him again!
 This was my favorite outfit of the day!
I thought she looked absolutely stunning!
 And the photo below is my fave of the day!  I just loved that old door with the color of her hair and eyes.

 Couple more outfit changes and pictures until the sun went down!
 And no rain!!
 Well, thanks, Rosie and Cara! I hope you have a fantastic year!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Things are pretty crazy here at the Cooksey house with Melia headed off to Nicaragua on Friday morning.  Every time we think we have everything, we realize we are missing something and it's back to the story again!
 But I wanted to stop a moment and get a little peek of my shoot with Kelly and her family up on the blog.  Check out these two little cuties!! 
Big brother Lucas and baby sister Raeley.
Kelly and her husband Matthew are packing up and moving out of Colorado to sunshiney North Dakota!! So they wanted to get some last minute Colorado photos before they left.
 With a couple of weeks of being on the road and living in hotels I wish them safe travels and speedy days till they can close on their house!
 Oh my goodness, this face!!!

Thanks Matthew & Kelly!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Newborn Photographer in Parker, CO

Oh my goodness, what an incredibly productive day.  I have decided to declutter and reorganize the entire house!  Today?  The laundry room! Let's just be happy I didn't take pictures, but it looks so amazing, I didn't just clean and organize but I decorated!  I hit the basement and came up with enough stuff to make it look real, real nice!
Okay, now... for the real reason you're here!
A little sneak peek at my shoot with Fiona. 
 Isn't she darling!!
It was fun to be outdoors for this family/newborn shoot.
 And we ended up having an incredible night with beautiful sunshine. 
And while she had moments of wanting to just be at home, overall she did amazing and showed off all her cuteness. 

On a side note, doesn't Christine look like Rachel Griffiths' twin sister??? (Ya know, from Brothers & Sisters?  Hey, is that on Neflix? I could watch that show again.)
 My Fave of the Day goes to...
the photo below!!!!  I love everything about it!
I am so glad that I was able to sneak this shoot in!
I enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you!!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

High School Senior Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Before the rain hit, Taylor and I knocked out his senior pictures.
 Taylor is a 2018 Senior at Highlands Ranch High School, and no, he does not know Hunter, because it turns out Hunter actually goes to Ponderosa, my bad!
 For the record, he does smile but I just LOVED his serious face! So... since this is a peek at my favorites it's all serious faces!
 Can I just say that the senior guys I went to school with did not look like this! 
He looks like he could lift my car!

 His mom and I liked this shirt the best! I realize that is never here nor there, just a side note.

 With wind howling we finished off our shoot with a nod to his lacrosse and football skills.
Now remember, Taylor, we are leaving it up to you to bring back the letter jacket wearing!!
Generations of high school athletes are depending on  you!!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

Say "Hello!" to Hunter, a 2018 senior at Ponderosa High School.
 Hunter is not sure what he wants to do, career-wise.  I made a couple of suggestions but he didn't seem too interested. 
 It was at this point, that he clarified he wanted to do something with computers. 
 Program or throw in some sort of high-tech Scottish weekend games, I can't be sure. 
 But computers are always a good choice!

 Being a big fan of automobiles I was very excited to take pictures of Hunter with his very cool car!
 The only thing better would have been if we could have pulled my car along side of his for a few shots. But I managed to exercise some self control and keep my ideas to myself. 
 Hunter it was pleasure!  Great Guy! Great Car!
Great shoot!