Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baby photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Gonna make this a quick one… tomorrow is just minutes away!!  But on Monday morning Blake and I got together for his 1 year old pictures. 
 I am lovin' those little teeth! And the expression below is just about the sweetest I have ever seen!
 i love a man in a hat!
 Mom scored this smile with a game of peek-a-boo!
 Train time!
And who has a birthday with our balloons!!!

 Happy Birthday, Blake!

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

 So on Saturday I was with Millie and her mom, Kim for some senior pictures! 
After the rather gloomy weather on Friday it was absolutely beautiful!!
 I did senior pictures with Millie's sister Meredith a couple of summers ago so it was fun to get to work with both girls!
 I told Millie that she looks like a horse back rider to me… because I think she looks like a Ralph Lauren model with her classic wavy hair!
 But she is actually a lacrosse player and plans to join her sister at DuQuesne next year where they will both play lacrosse. 

 I had a really fun time on this shoot… and am sad that the senior shoot are coming to an end for this season, they are truly my favorite shoots!

 But for now, I must go… school is beckoning me!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

 With news of this blustery weather headed our way, Hayden and I snuck out a night early for his senior shoot. 
 And we had a beautiful night except for just a wee bit of wind. 
 Hayden is a 2015 senior at Castle View High School,  Can you guess what sport he plays?!?!

 While he is not certainly where he would like to study next year, he does know that he wants to study environmental sciences. 
Speaking of which, us Cooksey's should probably study some science ourselves. 
Until next time!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Senior Pictures in Highland's Ranch

Yesterday's weather had Noah and I playing a game of "On Again Off Again".  I always say "Cija, do not call a shoots until an hour before!! No exceptions!!" 
because the weather in this crazy state can change on a dime.
 But it was pouring the wind was blowing and all the forecasts said it would rain all evening, so I called it 3 hours before the shoot was to start.  Then an hour before our shoot was to begin I peeked at the radar and it looked like things were going to clear.
 So… like crazy people we all scrambled to pull our "relaxed not going any where tonight" selves together and get out the door!  I was pretty excited to shoot at the fabulous location.  Noah was the first to take me up on this location, and it was everything I anticipated it to be. 

 It was the only choice to show of Noah's musical side. (Some kids just get all the talent!)
Guitar and violin?!?
 Noah is a senior at Castle View High School and plays is a couple of different symphonies, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. 
 By the way, a big thank you to Brad Pitt for the bow tie.  In the hustle and bustle of our "on again off again" weather mom forgot Noah's bow tie at home, 
but I managed to borrow one from Brad.  He's so helpful. 
Okay, it is pass my bed time.  Nighty Night.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 So Monday night I was with some of my very favorite people.  Erin was one of my very first customers/friends when I started my business and has been very loyal ever since.  
I was fortunate to know Erin from our "old" church and photography has kept us connected even after moving on. 
 Some of my favorite things about Erin.
Her smile… she is always smiling.
Her decorating… I am always coveting!!
 Her fabulous hair, she is uber duber nice, always up for a lunch date 
and she has a precious love for the Lord.
 Not to mention her sweet girls… Kate, Claire and Stella.  My oh my, have they grown up. 
  I especially noticed it with Kate, I almost invited her to coffee so we could hang out!
 By the way, aren't you loving this location!!
Dawson Butte!  So GE-OR-Jus!

 The cloudy weather made the mountains pop! 
 Okay, I got run.  Senior Pictures tonight!