Monday, October 5, 2015

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Okay, where do I go to get my sticker???
I should definitely get one after this very windy shoot!
Seriously, I think the wind had to be 25 - 30 mph!!
BUT… there is no sign of it in these pictures!!
So, this beautiful lady, was Ryanne's occupational therapist when she was but a wee one. 
 She is most definitely on my list of heroes!  She helped us so much with Ryanne and made our crazy stressful life so much happier!
 So I have been absolutely, delighted on the two different occasions, that I have had to take her and her family's photos. 
 She too, has a set of twins!  Jacob and Mack
Look at those blue eyes!
 Walking down the hill to this shoot we saw a BIG ole' snake!!
Mack was bent over, cooing at it… like it was a puppy!!
 We ducked into this shelter for a bit of a break from the wind.  I was a fan of this dramatic side light and decided to play in it for a while. 

 I was very happy that I was able to make this session work… especially since the last time we did photos we had to reschedule because of wind! 
 Oh! Something exciting.  No, Jeremy, it is not jury duty… but I keep hoping!!
Tonight on my way home, I picked up a hitch hiker! I am not going to lie I was pretty scared.  Made me pretty nervous when he reached in his backpack!
 I was very relieved when he pulled out a pack of mints! 
(And for the record, I called Rod and asked him if I should pick him up and he said "yes, so if I got killed or something it would have been his fault!)
 Alright, I am going to try my best to hit the hay before… oh, I was going to say 11:00 but it is already 11:06, so let's make it 11:15, shall we?
Be back soon, with another sneak peek!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I know, that I am late on this sneak peek… this was one can-razy week!!
Sorry, Erin!
But now, before I race out the door again (never mind that my hair is hanging in my face… I will squeeze in an emergency hair repair somehow!!) I MUST do this sneak peek!
 This particular shoot was a birthday gift for Nate's mom, Sandi! 
 So we did every combination we could think of, but I really love this one of Sandi walking with her grandkids. 

 And these precious photos of her with Abigail and Carter. I truly believe there is nothing sweeter you can do for your kids and grandkids than to take photos with them.  Memories, they can hang onto forever. 
 And here's Sandi with her hubby, Paul! Man, I love those trees, when I was growing up our neighbors used to have them, and they were soooo beautiful in the fall, bright orange and red. 

 Now this is Erin and Nate, we have done pictures together a handful of times. 
(Don'tcha just love her hair???)

 Okay, I must be off!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

Last night I had a really fun time with Baily (and her dad).
At the beginning of her shoot it was really windy, but since she was looking for something a little outside the box, I decided to use it! In the midst of all the chaos, we managed to get this image and I absolutely LOVE it!

 These semi trailers came in quite handy as well!

 Baily goes to Castle View and hopes to attend college next year, where she wants to focus on the medical field and ultrasound. 
 Can I just say that I am fan of the blue eyes and red hair! 
 Scott (Baily's dad) got us special permission to take some shots inside one of his favorite hang outs.  It was really dark inside, but I am a big fan of this photo… loved the chairs.
Baily mentioned she was a bit stressed about the weather but I am so glad we went for it.  
What a fun shoot!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Time for another sneak peek!  Saturday night was a combo shoot.
One part - Family pictures
One part - Senior pictures
 I met Vonda, when my girlies used to go to Cherry Valley Elementary (out on the prairie). 
She used to sub there from time to time. 
So I was excited when she contacted me about doing photos for her. 
 Oh my goodness, what a beautiful day it was, almost too beautiful not a cloud in the sky, but, Melia came along to assist with sun blockage and such (Rod was unavailable… reading a book on the front porch after a long day of foster support training, lunch out with friends and a trip to Little Man Ice Cream.)
 But not to worry, Melia did a bang up job.  Although she did deeply regret her wardrobe and shoe choice.  It's tough being a fashionista. 
 So… Emma is a 2016 Senior at Douglas County High School.
 Next year she plans to attend college, I believe she said UCCS, where she wants to study nursing.
She has a heart for geriatrics, which I thought was pretty awesome. 
 Apparently, she had some up close and personal training after her mom had some pretty major complications after surgery this past summer.  Her mom said that she is going to make a great nurse.
 Doesn't she have the prettiest hair!  
I asked… she has never colored it. Ugh! Why are we so tempted to color our hair when we could have hair like this if we would just leave it! 

 And the posture!  She had impeccable posture!
Alright, it is time to get ready to meet up with Bailey.  See you again soon!