Sunday, December 14, 2014

Baby Milestone Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Yesterday, I had a very fun photo with Mr. Nolan at The Broadmoor!
It was time (well almost time) for Nolan's 9 Month shoot, we may have done this shoot a wee bit early so we could sneak in some Christmas photos!

So Nolan brought along some friends.  This lovely little lady is Emily!  
Nolan's big sister! Isn't she sweet?!

And these are his parents, Kerri & Zane
 I love the photo below sooo very much!  The look on Emily's family, truly reflects her thoughts on this whole photo shoot thing!  "Why are we doing this?! Don't these people know their are ducks we could be chasing!"

 But Nolan (for now anyways) is all about the photos!  All SMILES! All the time!

Photos and the grass, the grass was very cool!
 LOVE the family cuddles!
 This is another one of those photos where I wish there was sound…  Emily was saying "NOOOOLAN!!!!" but nothing could tear him away from the grass that sweet wonderful grass!

Well, this wraps up the 2014 season.  I am officially on vacation till 2015!!  
Have a very Merry Christmas!!! and A Happy New Year!

Engagement Photography in Castle Rock, CO

 Just dropping in for another sneak peek.  I should probably keep my commentary to a minimum… I am quite sleepy but the prime hours of working around here are after everyone is tucked in for the night.
 So this lovely couple is due to get married in August, and they have 3 little girls that are pretty happy about it!
 Above and Below - two of my faces!!
Just love the sweet expressions!

 Love the one below two.
Romance 101 - hold a woman's face and pull her in for a kiss!
 Romance 201 - Steal a peek at each other's lips with talking.

Yep! Everyone is pretty excited!

 There is a sweet story behind the "Always… and Forever" 
Okay, Nighty Night.  I work the welcome desk at church tomorrow at 7:45 AM!!  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Family Photos in Castle Rock, CO

This afternoon I met up with Randy, Corrine and they daughter Courtney.
 Oh… and the pooches!  Don't they look spiffy in their Bow Ties!
Check out those different personalities!!!
 We (Rod and I) first met Corrine and Randy at church, we were in the same Sunday School class.
 One of my clearest memories of Corrine was when she found me wandering in the hallways of Swedish Medical Center trying to find my babies in the hidden NICU.  She was and still is an employee there and led me right to them. (I wonder if she even remembers that)

 Courtney is a recent graduate from Mid America!! WooHoo!!

 It is always a treat to photograph my friends!!
 See you again on Friday!

Family Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

 Okay, I literally had to think for about 20 seconds to figure out what day of the week it is and since I used so much energy to do so… let me wish you a very happy "HUMP DAY". 
 Yesterday I met up with Paul and Heather and their 3 lovely kids.  
I have been taking this families pictures since the very 1st year that I started my business.  Avery (the oldest girl) and my twins used to be in dance class together when they were 3… they are 10 now!!
 Holy Moly, all 3 kids grew up sooo much this past year!  I could get over it, especially in their faces!  Amazes me the difference a year can make. 
 I got to be honest, I love all these pictures! Everyone was particularly photogenic yesterday!
 But I lerve this one of Paul and Heather!!  

 See what I mean!  Sooooo photogenic I tell you!!!!
Okay, time to start school for the day!  Enjoy your "Hump Day"  ours will be ending with free PIE at Village Inn (another Advent Calendar Adventure!!)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Family Photographer in Castle Pines, CO

Time for a quick sneak peek and I do mean quick!!
 The girls are finishing up their math and then we are out the door for the dance recital dress rehearsal!
But, Daphne's sneak peek is due today!!
 So our shoot was not off to the greatest of starts.  Gale force winds made it impossible to take photos at the location they had chosen.  
So we loaded up the cars and re-located to a location tucked in a windless valley!
 It felt at least 20 degrees warmer!!! Daphne and her family have become annual bright spot in my calendar!  
 In additional to the annual family photo we did some shots of Braxton and Avalon for the 6th and 4th birthdays!!  
I am not sure of the back story here but it seems that every year someone ends up… up side down!
This year it was Braxton and then a surprise attack on Allison!
 I love this photo of Daphne and Adam!
Okay, we are out the door!  See you again tomorrow!