Monday, October 19, 2020

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Baby Cora is 6 months old!!!

And as sweet as ever!

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 I just love this family!! I have been taking their photos since Kylie was 18 months old! Year after year they come back - I am sure they have no idea what that means to me!!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Lucy is 7 months old!  She did an amazing job showing off her sitting up skills. 
Such a cute little face! I just love working with babies.  Enjoy her photos!!

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I worried that with that early snow, we might miss out on some great fall colors. But, WOW! Was I wrong, what a beautiful fall it as been. I just wish the wind would have held off a bit longer. 

Fortunately for Kate and her tribe the wind held off until that evening and she had copious amounts of stunning colors! My first shoot with this family was back when they were a party of 4 - just look at them now!!  I really love when families come back year after year!!  Thanks guys!!


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Hannah is Two! She decided to give us some smiles this year, although I love her sweet no-smile expression!! Her big sister and big brother joined us for a shot or two! Okay, go on ahead, have a look.

Love those lashes!!

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Mr. Colton is officially 1 year old! What a happy and content little guy, he was an absolute joy! 
 Enjoy his photos.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Senior Photos in Castle Rock, CO

 Yesterday morning I met up with Hailey bright and early for some senior photos! She just happens to be one of my favorite people! She is just so sweet! I could sit and chat with her all the live long day.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Outdoor Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Time for another look at a recent shoot! Photographing this family takes me back to when Melia, Sabrina and Ryanne were these same ages. I, however, did not have the clarity of mind to have any family photos taken, so Kuddos to you, Jenny!! I love the mustard yellow with all the fall colors. I also loved Jenny's expectations for the shoot, she was expecting a very candid shoot with 3 little ones which took the pressure off the kids and the parents and resulted in some really beautiful shots!