Sunday, March 11, 2012

Newborn Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Say "Hello." to Miss Emily Jean. "Hello, Emily Jean!"
Oh the cuteness... I can hardly even stand it!  Forgive me now, if this post doesn't make any sense.  I am dead dog tired (Melia and I shopped the whole live long day) but I promised I would get this bundle of sweetness' sneak peek up today and I still have 12 minutes to make it happen!!

Add to that... the fact that I cooked with live jalopenoes tonight 
(seriously, how do you do this the right way?!?!) 
My thumb is a wand of fire that I rubbed my eye with, now I can only have my left eye open, the right is squeezed tight while burning with much intensity!! (okay, I just read that sentence back... it sounds completely wrong  but I can't think straight enough to fix it!)
Now... back to Emily, you might think she was fussin' but nope, that was a crazy big yawn!  
 (I felt a little bad for Kerrie, she got peed and pooped on!!  She was a very good sport about it, however!)
 Oh the piggies!!!  Love the piggies!!!

I have 3 faves of the day... the one above.  "Sometimes I like to curl up in ball." 
 Can you name the book?
 Ah... Emily's very first Daddy Daughter photo!  
 Here's number 2 (the one above) LOVE It! 
The one in the book case is pretty precious too, though.

 And this #3.  I just adore this photo... 
Okay, we have switched to paid advertising TV, so that means it is time to go to BED!!  Especially since we will lose an hour of sleep tonight.  
So.. nighty night!

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