Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Photographer in Elizabeth, CO

On Saturday afternoon, Rod and head east, really east, WAY EAST!
To meet up with Shelley and Doug, this photo shoot has been a year in the making!
We did the shoot on Doug's property and he had so many fun things to play with!
The most important this old John Deere tractor.  Doug and his dad rebuilt it when he was a kid but then ended up selling it. 

Shelley tracked it down and bought it back and gave it to Doug for Christmas! How fancy is that?!?
I wasn't running when they got it back so Doug and his son spent some time getting it back in working order.  I think that is pretty darn cool!
I enjoyed ever minute of this shoot, the location, the "stuff", the long ride with my hubby and the subject were all terrific!
Even managed to sneak it in before the rain and take advantage of the beautiful storm clouds!
Love that moment... just before a kiss!
Okay, I gotta run... the girls and I have some more school to do!
Thanks Shelley and Doug for letting me take your photos!

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