Friday, January 4, 2019

Baby Milestones Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I can't believe it's already been a year with Mr. Reed, but it's true he is officially 1 year's old. 
Just take a look at our year together! It is so fun to watch these kiddos grow and change so much in their first year. 

 Reed was a super trooper, this shoot ended up being quite a bit colder than forecasted, but he happily just hung out for his photos.
Really, I think he thought we had lost our minds, out in the snow, singing songs and making funny noises.  Let me just say from years of experience if a baby isn't going to smile on his own, there is nothing you can do to make a baby smile. 
And yet... I always make a silly fool out of myself trying! 
Towards the end of the shoot, Reed had clearly had enough of our tomfoolery and let us know it was time to call it a wrap! 
Love this hat by the way!!
Thanks, Whitney & Garrett is was certainly a pleasure! Hope to see you again soon!

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