Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Thursday I felt the sniffles coming on and by Friday morning my head and chest were filling filled foggy yuckiness!!  I spent 2 and a half  days crashed on my couch (don't get me wrong I will take a cold any day over the a stomach flu)!  But... unfortunately Kelly had to wait for her sneak peek until day, sorry Kelly!!!
 I was pretty excited to have my first official shoot with some snow on the ground, although... I was not as excited to do a shoot with snow on the ground in my FLIP FLOPS!! and boy were they slippery!!  I came very close to biffin' it on several occasions!!

Loved the Santa Hats!!!!  So stinkin' cute!
 Now every once in a while I get a crazy hair brained idea to try something crazy and hair brained!
and I did exactly that on this picture!!!  I just thought it would look so cool if it was really snowy...

 It took me hours to do this... someone who really knows what they are doing could have probably done it MUCH faster and much better, but I never claimed to be be photo shop expert...  
I still think it's pretty fun!!!
Until next time! XOXO Cija

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Talia said...

Wow!! Love what you did with photoshop! SO cool! In my eyes you are a photoshop expert. :)