Monday, March 17, 2014

A Courthouse Wedding

On Friday afternoon, I had the honor of photographing Jeremy and Sophia's courthouse wedding. 
But things started off a little shaking when I was sitting outside the courthouse on Perry and realized that they might be at the big courthouse.
 I ran inside to ask if there was a wedding at 5:00 but they said the Judge wasn't in and he doesn't tell them when he's doing a wedding!!  ACK!  I tried to email Jeremy's sister, she made the arrangements with me, then I quick called home to have my 9 year old get on my computer and find their original email so I could get a phone number. (Umm… yes, I more organized person would have had the number with them, but hey!  I had my camera!!)

 In the meantime… I drove really really fast over to the other courthouse.  Finally Ryanne, found the number but there was no answer.  
There was no one standing out front and I was 5 minutes late. 
OH NO!!!  I felt a bit like Mike Wysocki!  "Now is the time to PANIC"

 I was headed back the car to drive back to the other courthouse when I saw a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress… SOPHIA!!!  Phew!

 After the wedding we headed to a near by park for a few outdoor photos.

 And then they were off to party with family and friends.  
Congratulations you two! and thanks for letting me be part of your special day!

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