Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Baby Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Happy Hump Day!  I kind feel like I earned it this week, but not exactly sure why.  But this morning I started my day bright and early with Ryker.  Can you believe these were his 1 year old photos?!?!
I just can't!  How does it go so incredibly fast. 
 They don't come any sweeter… he is always so happy and full of smiles and I just adore his 2 front teeth!!!
That doesn't mean he doesn't have a serious side.  He can be quite contemplative with the circumstances call for it. 
He will be all smiles again soon!

He even tried out a whole new smile for us today… I think it's a keeper!
Ah… Happy Birthday little guy!!
 Don't forget, it's Boudoir season!!  Call today to schedule your appointment!

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