Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yep! They're mine!!

My client reschedule their appointment today because of the snow…  So that meant the girlies and I would be heading out to take advantage of this wonderfully fluffy stuff!!

Melia has wanted snow for her 11 year old pictures so… we took a few extra of Melia today (of course she will be 12 in April, but no matter!)

Aren't these girls the C U T E S T!!!
Sabrina borrowed her dad's hat… I love that!  It's just so… Sabrina!

No man!  I just LOVE snow pictures sooooo much!!!!
 and I LOVE this photo of my three girlies! LOVE LOVE LOVE
So my sister makes that really cool scarf that Melia is wearing, aren't they beautiful?

Oh.. she made Ryanne's hat too!

Had a little excitement when we got home.  Ryanne was trying to make some french fries in the oven, instead there was a great big fire in there!  
 I was very calm, cool and collected.  Through my flour on it and all, but boy oh boy is it cold in here with all the windows open!!
Can't you just hear Sabrina… "Wait for me!"

 Yep, it was pretty much awesome!

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