Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

I can not tell you how happy I am that it is official "Senior Season"! And Isabell was my first 2016 senior of the season!

Mom brought a couple of things along that Isabell was too sure about, one of those things, was her guitar.  But I really love this photo of her… good decision, mom!
 Okay, I think this tangerine is my new favorite color.  
I love LOVE it! (Love the bling, too!)
 Okay, I am give all credit to God for the FAB-u-lushous weather!
Big nasty storm cloud was just stilling over Castle Rock and the weather apps called for cloudy grey skies, which are okay and sometimes even awesome.
But I knew that I wanted to some yummy sunshine for this shoot.  So… I said a little prayer and asked God to defy the weather reports and blow those nasty clouds on outta here!
 And that's exactly what He did… it was a beautiful night and strangely quiet, I might add.  Not a single person on the patio at Siena's!
 Just one beautiful photo after the next… Isabell you are truly stunning, inside and out!

 So… Isabell hopes to attend Grand Canyon University where she plans to study neonatal care. 
 I am happy to report no unwanted wildlife on this shoot.
(except for a few pesky mosquitos)
 Unlike this morning's shoot where I saw 3 snakes!  YUCK
I really love this photo of Isabell reading her Bible...
 We ended our night in the creek and pretty much… the dark!
 God Bless you, Isabell!

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