Monday, June 29, 2015

The Cooksey's Family Vacation!!

Okay, here it is!  A vacation post!  I am probably more excited about this than you but hey, my mom will enjoy it!!
First I would like to point out that I packed for 5 people, 10 days 1 suitcase!!!
I know!!! Impressive!
So we headed out bright and early on a very rainy Friday morning, after so much rain we were delighted to find some blue skies waiting for us in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!
We stopped off in Eagle at this very entertaining and nifty rest stop, stretched our legs and swapped drivers and headed out again!

Our next stop was at the beautiful Arches National Park for a picnic lunch!

 I was really blown away by the never ending beauty of Utah, and the fact that there were NO PEOPLE! NO TOWNS! NO GAS STATIONS!!  It was stressful there for a while!

 We discovered that we are big fans of books on tape!  We don't need no stinkin' DVD player!
 We continued on, making our way to the stunning, jaw dropping Zion National Park!
 We darted through in record time, chasing the sun towards sunset.
This was a very happy place.

 We have dinner at the Texas Roadhouse and spent the night in Nevada somewhere… the place escapes me. 
 The next morning we got ready… Sabrina sporting her new curling iron skills and Melia looking thru her hairstyle book, planning her look for the day!
 First stop… The Hoover Dam. 
Wow!  Really way more beautiful and HOT than I was expecting!

 Ah… the loves of my life.
On our way out we pulled over to take a photo for the Welcome to Arizona sign… that is when tragedy struck.  Ryanne slammed her finger in the car door.
3 hours in the "Quick Care" clinic and we were back on our way to sunny southern California.
Or traffic filled California!!
Rod was not a happy camper… to be honest none of us were!
But we finally made it!!!  And Sunday morning we headed our for a day at the beach!
 The girls!  Although I wish Caleb and Quinn would have been around for the photo!
 Oh Sabrina...
 $12 boogie boards from Walmart!  YES!!!

We wrapped our night up with hotdogs cooked over a bon fire!

 And Kyle whipped up with very handy chair.
 On Monday, we headed to San Diego to tour the US Midway.
 That's better all 6 kiddos together!

 And then… ICE CREAM!
 Melia, of course, found time for a few selfless!
 Tuesday, the girls needed a break to let the sand rashes heal from our day at the beach.
So we played games...
 Watch funny Youtube videos, had a cook out at the park and took a walk on the pier.
 After our day of rest, we head to the Del Mar fair on Wednesday!!

 We were certainly pooped by the time we left.
 Thursday… how can it be Thursday all ready!!!
 We decided to take a harbor cruise down in San Diego. It was quite lovely!
Me and my super fantabulous friend, Talia
 Oh.. and of course there was IN-N-OUT!!!!
 We wrapped up our last night in Oceanside with another trip to the beach!

 It was so much fun to be with our friends!!  Thank you, Christensen's for all your wonderful hospitality!
 Friday we headed out around 8:00 and made our way to the Grand Canyon and it certainly did not disappoint!  WOW! WOW! WOW!!!
Awesome Roadtrip!! and Wonderful Memories!!
The Cooksey's

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Ann said...

So beautiful! and so fun, now I want to go on vacation again, oh wait I always want to go:)