Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Ummm… I truly have no words for this shoot. 
 Rod can along to assist me, when we turn the corner in mid sentence I broke out with "Oh my gosh!"
It was absolutely breath taking!
 Fortunately for me the Harris's weren't able to reschedule to the warmer today, so we had to push through the 20 degree weather.  Yes, it was freezing but with freezing comes trees covered in pillows of frosty white snow!
 Big huge kudos to the kiddos!!!  All of them, even 4 year old Clark did AMAZING in the freezing temperatures!

 Do you think, I could photoshop my own family into these images?!?!?  
 A shoot like this is truly a treasure, it is so rare to get the snow and the sun together like this!
Absolute perfection!
 The wind blew the snow off the branches and it even looked like it was snowing!

 LOVED every minute of this beautiful shoot!

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