Sunday, December 27, 2015

Family Photographer in Castle Pines, Colorado

Merry Christmas everyone!!
 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We have packed in more fun than you can imagine! Even now, I just  have a few minutes before we head out for church and then Miss A.B. is coming for the afternoon!
 But I didn't want Maria to have to wait any more to see her sneak peek.  This was my 3rd time working with this family.  I have taken both Tressa & Carlton's senior pictures but this was the first time  shooting the whole family!
And my first time meeting, Andrew and Maria's husband.
Thankfully the weather cooperated!  We had several rain delays with both senior shoots!
I was a little shocked at how much snow was left on the ground, happy shocked but shocked!

 You probably noticed Tressa's arm in a sling.  She was in a car accident coming home for Thanksgiving.  She was still moving a bit cautiously… 3 broken ribs and a broken shoulder blade! YOUCH!
 Okay, it's time to leave!  Here's wishing you a Happy New Year!!

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