Monday, March 21, 2016

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Saturday afternoon, Rod and I headed up north to meet Lynn & Ben and their extended family. 
 I am not going to attempt to remember all the names… it has been too long for this mind to remember!!
But this is Ben's parents and that's Ben & Lynn below with Noah and Levi.  I have  been taking their photos since Levi was just a baby. 
 And here we have all the Grandkids!!  I think they said there were 3 six year olds!
 Above is Ben's brother Nick and his family, oh and Wolfgang (the dog!)
I love taking the "original family"photo.  
And here we have Ben's sister and her sweet family.
 I really loved how Noah wrapped his arms around his mama...

Some sweet baby lovin'
It was certainly I bit colder than we had hoped but for March in Colorado… we did pretty well!

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