Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kids Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I'm back! Did you miss you? The Cooksey's just spent 11 fun filled days on vacation!
Don't worry I will have a vacation post in a couple of days. 
But yesterday, while driving across Kansas I got a call from Wendy who was hoping to get some photos of her two year old son, Carson... TODAY!
Just so happened that I get the day open in case we didn't make it back in time.
So I got to spend my morning with this handsome fella!
 Lovin' me those curls!
 and that wrinkly nose!

 It must have rained a lot while I was gone, this grass is crazy long!

 Such a dapper bow tie!
 Pretty much the perfect way to get back to work!
Thanks Wendy and Carson!!

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