Saturday, May 27, 2017

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

So yesterday, I finally got to take pictures of these sweet little ladies!
Addy & Bee
(But I gotta be honest, I am not sure which is which!  I am so glad I had one blonde and one brunette, my twins were easy to tell apart.)
I am thinking Addy is on the right, if Melia was here she could clear it up for me, she had no problem telling them apart.
 I am always a wee bit nervous about twin shoots, you just never know how it is going to go.  
Getting one baby to sleep in one thing, getting two to sleep at the same time, well... there are no guarentees!
 But these two were perfect! 
Look at those sweeties, holding hands!
 So... if I am right this is Addy. (but it may be Bee!)

Which would mean this one is Bee (or it might be Addy!)

 And this is their beautiful mom, Esther, unfortunately, dad had to work.
 Congratulations!!!  What a beautiful family!

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