Saturday, June 17, 2017

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

On Friday morning, I had the opportunity to work with this wonderful group of grandkids and their grandparents.
I not sure I can remember all these names now... but I was rockin' it on Friday!
 I do know this is Mike and Cheri!!
And the little guy is Maverick!  
(Really is name is Michael, but it made him laugh when I called him Maverick!)
 Hmmm... Sam and I think it started with a "J", see what I mean, maybe Joey.
But I do know that he was happy to be taller than his brother.
 This beauty is Lillian, visiting from back east. 
 Oh dear... the littlest one!! Dani!! Lissy, Abby and Michael!

 And of course... Pepper! 
 At the end of our shoot we did a mini-senior shoot!!
Okay, gotta go get my kiddos!
Thank you, Cheri!

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