Monday, June 19, 2017

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Well, this shoot was definitely an adventure!! Minutes after starting a couple told us to beware of a mountain lion, they had seen a bit earlier!
Then we had 3 dogs running amock and 2 angry Americans shouting at each other!
But nothing could overshadow the cuteness of
Jane, Noah and baby Owen!!
Oh yay.. Roxy and Allen were there too.

Oh Jane... you are just the cutest!
 Owen wasn't entirely sure he wanted to be up early on Saturday morning doing photos with mountain lions, wild dogs and angry Americans!
 I mean an 8 week old needs his sleep!

 Did I mention that Roxy is a sweet friend from church?
We have been in the same Bible study small groups several times.

 Okay, I may have gotten a little carried away with the kid pictures!
 But they are all so cute!
 I couldn't help myself!

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