Friday, March 6, 2015

Newborn Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Yesterday afternoon, I got to spend some time with this precious little bundle of cuteness, Miss Anastasia and her parents, Tiffani & Dusty.
There were just so many sweet treats like these beautiful wrinkly fingers!!
 And that little hand covering her eye… rumor has it she was born this way!
Oh man, I really love this photo! Look at that mouth!
Hangin' with mom and dad. Can't you just hear her, "and then…"
 Oh my sweet cuddly goodness!

LOVE this mama picture… it just oozes pure joy. 
 And check out these PIGGIES!!!

 Just chilling… looking out the window.  Life is good.
 STOP!  I can't take much more.  What a BEAUTIFUL child!!
 She gonna be an over achiever for sure!! Look at her showing off her skills already.
 I couldn't be happier for this family!  XOXO

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