Monday, March 16, 2015

Saying Good Bye, again…

The Christiansen's
I am not at all happy about this blog post.  Not because I don't like the pictures or the family in them, but because once again… dear friends of ours are moving away. 
 They even gave us a bit of advise at dinner the other night… "The next set of really good friends you get, let them know that they will be moving away in a couple of years." 
We are tired of having our friends move away.  
 We first met the summer before Quinn was born (below), we went to the same church.  I was cooking bacon, Talia was cooking sausage (for the men's breakfast) but our friendship took root shortly after I did Quinn's newborn pictures and they started coming over every Sunday night for community group.  They were the only one's that ever came so eventually we called it quits on the community part while our families continued to get together. 

 We have celebrated much of life together, New Year's eve, Easter egg coloring, 4th of July bike parades (and crashes), trick or treating, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving and this past year, even Christmas day.
 Nights of Nertz and Greed, days at the park, carpooling to Cherry Valley and even Monday nights watching The Bachelor.

 Talia was my right hand man for the Christmas dinner at church and I will never forget the precious card she gave me after it was over. 
 We share a love for Nordstrom, pedicures, yummy food and sweet treats. We have even bonded over our individual lives with "crazy'. 
Our kids have laughed and played together… 
They are not just friends to us, they are family.

 It is very hard to watch them go… 
(maybe Talia will consider getting back on Facebook so I can steal peeks into her California life.)
 Our prayers go with them. Prayers for a strong and happy marriage, safe and healthy kids but most of all that they continue to follow the Lord where ever He leads them, serving Him with everything they are and everything they have. 
 Everyday I will be reminded of them, as I sit in my family room and look at the 3 pieces of furniture the Talia refinished for me.   Now where am I going to get my furniture?!?!

 Melia and Caleb have such a sweet friendship and the twins are crazy for Avie (as they call her) and then there's "Charlie Brown" the lovable Quinn! (He even wore CB stripes for me)
 And if it wasn't for Kyle, I would still have those nasty flourescent lights in my kitchen!!
 Kyle, Talia, Caleb, Ava & Quinn, we LOVE you guys!!  And we will miss your dearly.
Safe Travels!
and we will be out to visit at some point!
Oh crap… this sucks.

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