Friday, April 24, 2015

My Amazing and Beautiful Great Niece… Annabelle Grace

This is Annabelle Grace… I'm gonna call her A.B. cuz we're gonna have an "initial thing", her and I.  
C.J. and A.B!  It's only natural because her dad and I had a name thing too, I gave him his official Indian/Native American name, "Little Round Butt" when he was but a wee one.  
Forgive me, Bronson, if I should have kept that on the down low.

Isn't she the most beautiful and wonderful little ball of squishable yumminess you have ever seen?!?
My sister… Grandma Klassen made this cute little mermaid tail, soooo sweet!
AND… she's perfect!  She just slept and let me move her to and fro.  
Perfect, I say!
 Love Love LOVE the way she hold her little hands!
Yep… a sweet little angel! (Oh… the cheeks!)
Can my little nephew... curly haired, Cheeto eating, Klingon (bruised forehead) nephew, 
 be a daddy?!?
Ah… she wuvs her leffalaunt! "I will hold him and squeeze him and call him George!"

 I'm not gonna lie… I'm in love.
At the end of our shoot, she started to fuss… I took her from mom to see if I could settle her down for a few more shots.  I held her close to my face and shushed, she opened her eyes and look right into mine.    I took the opportunity to official introduce myself, "Hi A.B., I am your Great Aunt Cija." 
She looked deep into my eyes and then peed on me.
I can tell she loves me as much as I love her!
This photo of Tracie and her sweet love makes me teary.  
A match made in Heaven.
 I am certain this is just how she was in the womb.  
Sweet & lovable!

 Oh Bronson and Tracie, I couldn't be more happy for you.  There is just something unbelievably special about holding your baby.  I will be praying for both of you as you seek to bring her up in a deep love for the Lord.  
She is truly His poiēma, created in Christ for good works that He has ordained just for her. 
 XOXO… Aunt Cija

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