Monday, April 13, 2015

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

So much sweetness!!! This little beauty is Anna.
And I got to take her precious photos today.
Just look at those baby blues!! and truly the sweetest little mouth! 
These are just a couple of her fans,  Ellie and her beautiful mommy, Catherine.
(Big brother was at school and dad… well, he was working)
So it was a Girls Day!

I think the one below will take my "Fave of the Day", I am in love with that little smile!
Pleasant dreams are always welcome.
Lovin' me some sister love!!
 This would another one, a close second runner up for my "Fave of the Day", she looks so peaceful, all snuggled up in the blanket grandma made for her. 
 Anna was positively perfect, I think the 85 degree house helped, she was toasty warm! 
But mom says she is a very happy and content little one, and I have to agree.

Seriously?!?!  SO CUTE!!!  
 I hope to back here soon with photos of my brand new grand niece!!  She was due yesterday…  she is already fashionably late!
Okay… nighty night!
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