Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Saturday morning I got to meet up with Stewart, Lauren & Colton for some family pictures.
Lauren is one of my most favorite people.  She has been in my Bible study small group a few times and this past year, she signed up to join the women's ministry team and lucky me!! She was my assistant!
I may gush on her just a bit, but there is so much to gush about!  Like all the times she has offered to make my girls for the evening so I can get a sanity break or Rod and I go out on a date!
 And the girls love hanging out with her because she is so much fun!
 Or how about the time she texted me to see if I was at home and then showed up with a plate of cookies!!!
 Pause on gushing:  I LOVE this photo of Steward and Colton!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!
 Resume gushing… or how about the time that she made me two Starbucks posters for Melia's birthday party after 1 took 4 hours to make!!!!
 Yep… As far as I am concerned, she pretty awesome. 
 And Colton, well he is just about the cutest!!
 I haven't had the pleasure of really getting to know Stewart, but I know that he is a cowboy, a gentleman, and a protector!  So, he gets a big thumbs up too!
 I can't not tell you how much laughter I have enjoy because of this photo!!
Every time, I scroll past it, I crack up!  So, I had to share it with you!!
(Forgive me, Stewart!)

 That wraps up my super fun shoot with Lauren and her boys!

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