Sunday, July 19, 2015

Family Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

I should so be in bed… 1st service is going to come so early but I can't sleep, so… I may as well get some stuff done right!
That is good news for Paul and Kate, cuz that means their sneak peek is going up a couple of days early!  And who doesn't like an early sneak peek?!?!
 I spent the afternoon watching the radar trying to predict when and where the rain would hit!
Let's just say I would make a terrible weather girl.  It started rain as soon as we pulled up, but it was short lived and we got our shoot in. Yippee!
 That was lucky for the Bride that was getting married at this location. 
 So check out these cute kiddos, Owen and Olena.  Such sweet smiles!

 This was a very exciting shoot, let's see we had rain...
 great big orange fish, tons of people,
 a dog playing in the lake (like I can compete with that!)
 a chipmunk (pretty darn cute) and there was a SPIDER on my arm!!!
 Any of you who know me are wondering how it is that I am still able to type, I am really not sure.  Owen even saw it!!  He said "dat was a spy-door!"
Heebie Jeebies!

 But we made it through! and I even got to have dinner out with the hubby, unexpected treat!
It's time to book your fall session!!  I know! FALL!!! Already?!?
School starts in less than a month!
Well… nighty night!

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