Thursday, July 9, 2015

High School Senior Pictures in Parker, CO

 Ummm… So this shoot was really fun!  
This is my second time working with a dancer and I think I am in love.
 Do you think there is a market for a "Dance Photographer"????
Because WOW! It's just so much fun!
 This is Maddie, a 2016 Senior from Ponderosa High School.
She has been dancing since she was 2!! And has been doing Point for 3 years now. 
 The Highland's Ranch Mansion was the perfect place to do her shoot!! 
 Love this "jumping photo"  and the way the tutu is… humph, what's the word?!?
I don't have a word, I just like the way it looks!
 After the dance photos it was time for the more classic senior photos.
 Although… I thought all her outfits were ballerina-esck!
 Look at the pretty bling on that shirt! Totally something a ballerina would wear.

 Ummm.  I really really love these two shots of her!
 Oh!  And she doesn't just dance she plays the clarinet!
I tooted on a clarinet, myself… in the long time, far away, can barely remember it,  past!
 Of course, I was wearing knee highs and head gear so… not quite as glamorous!
 So Maddie is leaning towards UNC, where she plans to study nursing. 
 I wish her all the best in all of her endeavors!

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