Monday, February 1, 2016

Baby Milestones Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Best job ever!
Sabrina and I had a the best time this morning, braving the cold to meet up with little Miss Ellery.  Who was, like always, in a delightful mood!!
 She simply has the sweetest little face and prettiest blue eyes!
See what I mean!!

And don't even get me started with this hat!!  It's her mom's and I LOVE IT!!!
 Showing off her standing up skills!
 And of course, her famous bear came along!
Even got her give him a wittle smooch!
 Side note, the girls taped that live "Grease" that was on last night, I wanted to poke my eyes out, but I must confess (as they are watching it now) it's actually pretty good! 
 Oh the baby, the eyes, that hat!  LOVE!
 Now what are you waiting for… isn't it time you booked a session for yourself?!
Kids… Family… Boudoir?!?!

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Gemstone said...

WOW .. Amazing Pics . Very Beautiful Baby .
You have Amazing Talent . Keep CLicking .

Amit lamba
Amit lamba