Friday, November 6, 2015

Children's Photographer in Castle Rock, Co

Well… it finally happened!  We got Eleary & Asher's shoot finished!
Weather and tummy aches, oh my!
Ah… this picture pretty much sums up photo shoots with kids!
 So some of these photos were taken at the "tummy toss" shoot.
 While others were taken in the "arctic blast" shoot!!
 Asher thinks his sister is a riot!
Oh man… now that is a kiss!!

 An another adorable kissey face!

 By the way, the elephant's name is "Baa" or maybe that's "Bah"
I am not entirely sure. 

 Okay, you can't tell in the photo below, but Asher kept pushing Eleary out of the… what is that thing??? A bucket? Seems too big to be called a bucket.  Anywho… it was kinda comical!
 All done.
I don't care what anyone says… Bah, makes this last shot.

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