Saturday, July 9, 2016

Senior Portraits in Castle Rock, CO

Just wanted to drop in for a late night sneak peek.  This is Katelyn (sorry if I am spelling that wrong, there are so many options). She is a 2017 senior at Douglas County High School.
I had such a great time taking her photos.  We played a round of 20 questions when she first arrived so I could get a sense of who she is and what makes her tick. 
She told me that she loves the ocean and hopes to move back to Florida where she will study marine biology, some point after graduation a couple of years in community college here in Colorado. 

 I love these photos so much, she is so soulful.  Her expressions leave you with a question, each one has an air of mystery to it. 

 Haunting eyes and flawless skin... simply beautiful.

 I hope that she loves these photos and sees the stunning young lady that she is staring back at her. 
 Wishing you all the best in your senior year and beyond, I so enjoyed our time together.
So stinkin' gorgeous!

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