Thursday, August 17, 2017

Baby Milestone Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

It is very peculiar, but all of my current 3-month-old milestone babies were all born in the same month, so we have a run on 3 month olds! But that is fine with me! Because they are all so cute!
 This is Austin and he is the "over achiever" for the week, because he even managed a smile!!
 Which is not too common at the 3 month photo shoot!
 Isn't he adorable!
I had to go find this photo of his older brother, Matthew! cuz look! They have matching expressions!

 And check out his cowboy boots! He will be mutton bustin' in no time. 
 Ya gotta love the baby blues! 

 Looking forward to seeing this little one over the next few months!!

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