Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baby Photograher in Parker, Co

Hello!!  I am back!  This is the last of the pictures until next year!!  Oh I may be back with a story or two to share but the shoots for 2011 are officially over.  
 And I can't think of a sweeter way to end that year then with Linley, who will officially be 1 year old on December 30th!! 

I am very sad to report that Linley is moving to California... boo!! (but maybe I will be really lucky and her mom will call me when they are in town to visit just like Maddock and Paisley's mom does, that would be AWESOME!!)

 Well, it has been a very lazy day, in fact not os 4:08 PM and I am still in my jammies!!! The girls and I played a marathon game of Monopoly, but now that Rod is home I think maybe I will get dressed and we can go out and do something fun.  Now... what to do?  Oh, by the way we went to see "We Bought a Zoo" yesterday, very fun movie!!

Okay... I am off!!

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