Friday, December 9, 2011

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO - Kasten

 It's another late night post.  But it's worth it.  Fun night with the kiddos.  We baked and decorated sugar cookies and then watched "It's a Wonderful Life".  We've never seen it before, I'm  a fan.  I was shocked that the girls stuck out an "old fashion" movie with no color, but they watched the whole thing! (Well, Ryanne fell asleep but 2 of 3's not bad.)

 But before the weekend festivities began I met up with the Kasten's for some family pictures.   The very handsome and toothless young man above is Nicolas.
And this lovely little lady is Calley (again, I am so sorry if I have the spelling wrong).  I, at least know that the "C" is right because Amy told me that sometimes she calls Calley Joe... "CJ"!!
May I just say I a big fan of the piggie tails!!!  I love piggie tails I even love them on me!  Sometimes when I am home along I sport them myself.  Not the trendy little low riding piggies... I am talking the high on top of your head type of piggies (think Boo from Monster's Inc).
I thought the snow in this little creek area was so beautiful, I will say it again... if you can keep your kids warm, snow pictures have to be my all time favorite!  

Well, I can't stop yawning so I am going to take the hint and head off to bed. I'll see you again sometime this weekend.  Gonna hang out with Oliver tomorrow, already 6 month old!!!
Nighty Night!

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