Thursday, December 15, 2011

Newborn Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Hey there!  So it is the last day before Christmas vacation!  Are you ready? We are ringing in the time off with a giant sleepover.  The potential is 12 kids (10 of those girls) where are the ear plugs?  My poor husband, he actually has to get up and go to work tomorrow!!

But let's back up to yesterday shall we... this is Greyson.  He is cute! super CUTE!! and such a sweet little model, he did a fabulous job at his first photoshoot!!  My fave of the day is day holding him and he has one arm hanging down and one foot stickin' up! LOVE!!
Man, are they gonna have a fun Christmas or what?

Speaking of Christmas, I'm seriously thinking about starting my shopping next week!!
OH AND I made gifts for the teachers this year... I made these cute little clipboards and I was shocked at just how cute they turned out.  I almost took a picture of them but then I thought what on earth would I do with a photo of clipboards but now... I know!  I would have put it on here for you to see!!  Oh well, you will just have to trust me!  And the whole ordeal was relatively painless.  I did have to make a last minute trip to Micheals for Mod Podge but Talia went with me, gave me a 40% off coupon and talked me into Starbucks, my first Caramel Brule' Latte of the season YUM!! and then my hubby hung out with me all the live long night while I glued and snipped and tied!  He just sat and listened to me rattle on for a couple of hours... oh, I do love him!!  He is the bestest!
Well... the actual shoots are slowing down, one more on Saturday and then I am taking some time off.  Only one shoot next week and then 2 after Christmas will wrap up the 2011 season!
Okay, I am off!  Cija

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