Friday, December 23, 2011

Silent Night...

Man, I just listened to the most beautiful version of the song Silent Night.  The video was breathtaking too, all snowy and gorgeous and it got me thinkin'...

  It's pretty silent here today.  The girls are at the park with their friends sledding in the new snow, Rod is at work and Aimee and kids went to the airport to pick up Matt.  Usually this would be happy news, it's just more complete when Matt is here too.  But today that news of his arrival does not have the same effect.  He is coming to pack up his family and move them to Oregon.  They have been here for 6 months and 1 day.  It's more than I could have imagined... in fact when I prayed I asked for a week, just a week of vacation to spend with our dear friends. 
 But God who is infinitely more than I can imagine graciously gave me more than I could ever think to ask for.  He said "No." to the vacation request and I was seriously bummed, I started scrambling trying to make something happen but it kept coming back "No".  
He had so much more to give... 6 months and 1 day. 
I will miss Matthew's stories at dinner and his totally kickin' dance moves, I will miss Isabell's heelying through the kitchen and the way she can make everything a finger food, I will miss Mia and her fabulous messy ponytail, I will miss Matt's random news facts and parmesan chicken but mostly 
I will miss my precious and dear friend, Aimee.
 I will miss our games (speed, hertz and pente), cooking together, grocery shopping together, thursday lunches and our sweet talks about the Lord. 
 I will miss her more than she will ever know. 
 So I wish them safety on their journey, a wonderful place to call their own, a home filled with laughter, a church where they will grow in their love for the Lord and friends in the neighborhood who will fill their life with joy and happiness.

Good bye my sweet, sweet friends!! XOXO, Cija

By the way, I am already mapquesting the midway point!!

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