Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Photographer in Parker, CO

Just dropping in for another sneak peek!  
This is Brooklyn, isn't she just dreamy with those "Baby Blues"?
We were out to document her 1st Birthday

Okay... I just LOVE the boo boo face!!!  It's award winning if you ask me!

Did I forget to mention that Mom and Dad came along too?  YES!!! I remember their names, screech, who do you think I am.  The mom's name is Emily.  Oh... and the dad, well his name is either Mike or Chris.  I think Mike...  Chris is his "Cija Name".  Yep, I am giving my name issue an official title, from now on, it is just a given that you have your name and your "Cija Name".
 In fact just last night, Monica was Sally and Laura was Brenda.  Pretty soon people will ask you "So what's your name?... and your "Cija Name?"  It's gonna be all the rage.

 Yep... that are two Daddy Daughter pics... I'm sorry I just can't help myself!  I hope her daddy will always listen to her like that.  We all need daddy's who take such interest in what we have to say. 

 MELTING... such a sweet face!
Well, I am off.  it is date night with the girls and after this morning shoot and rolling around in the hay I need to at the very least change my clothes before the fun begins!
TTFN! Cija

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