Monday, July 16, 2012

Newborn Photography in Castle Rock, CO

 Happy Monday everybody!!!  I hope your weekend was as nice as mine!! We went to a couple of BBQ's had a Breakfast date on Saturday, went to see Brave with the girlies AND... Rod got the Bug running this weekend!!!  It was very exciting indeed!!
 I kicked off my weekend with this little bundle of sweetness... Say "Hello" to Brielle.  So you say that like the cheese and then the letter "L", such a beautiful name!!  Well, look at her, she needs a beautiful name because she is so beautiful!!

 Mommy had all sort of fun things for us to play with... cute headbands, the fabulous bloomers, pearls and check out the this cradle!!!
 Brielle even showed us those pretty little eyes!!!

 Piggies... Bloomers!  What more could you want!!??

Such a sweet little girl and a super fun shoot!!!  Until next time!

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Talia said...

So cute! And LOVE the name!! That was our #2 girls name if Quinn was a "she". :)

Annnnnddd since you never came to make your wreath, I made it for you! Hope you like it. :)