Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Photographer in Castle Pines, CO

Happy Saturday!!  I trust you are all enjoying your weekend! I am just poppin' in for a quick sneak of Geoff, Tricia and their extended family!

Let's see, above we have Tricia's family, her mom and dad, brother and his family and of course her hubby Geoff and their sweet girl Kylie.

Below is Geoff's mom with Kylie.

Kylie is starting Kindergarten!!!!!!

 Well, I can't linger, I told the girls we would go to the pool when I was done with this post and they are hovering like vultures! Have a great weekend!  and cross your fingers that Tressa and I will get to do her senior pictures tonight!  We have been rained out TWICE! and it's a drought for pete's sake!

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