Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lifestyle Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Yep! It's me. I am back… Again.  
Two times in one night.
It couldn't be help.
I was just too excited about this shoot not to post it… IMMEDIATELY!
 What is this? You say.  Well… in a word.  "Genius"!!
I touched bases with Melanie on Tuesday to find out where she wanted to go for her family pics.  Turns out the hubby had to go out of town and it was going to be raining, so we went with Plan B. 
Pictures at her house of the kids making cookies.   

 Initial reactions went from excitement to panic and back again. 
I have shot indoors before, but it's a baby sleeping in a basket, not multiple people moving in a kitchen and it's generally morning with lots of yummy sunshine pouring in the windows, not simply pouring.
 Then there were the space concerns and shooting with with portrait lenses.  Stress mounting.
But when she emailed me pictures of the house with light reflecting walls and windows all about… well, I was in!  This had to be done.  
 I am so glad I did it!  It was so much fun!!
And I think I only freaked her out for a few minutes when I carried my camera into the house in a recycled plastic shopping bag!! (I'm sorry… I am just not a camera bag kind girl. Photographers all over the world are shaking their heads in shame at me, but then again, I would venture a guess it's not the first time, nor will it be the last. I don't use lens caps either!! GASP!!)
 I was somewhat relieved to find out that Melanie is a designer by trade… her house is gorgeous and magazine picture perfect, knowing that she is a professional eased my feelings of shame over my taped together lampshade. 

 Turned out that "All" the family members wanted to get in on the action!
I mean, who doesn't like a little cookie dough!
 Loved every minute of this shoot.
Loved this family too!

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