Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Some shoots are not as straight forward as you expect them to be.  Amelia is one of my milestone babies, so we have hung out before... at 3 months and 6 months.  Today was her 9 month shoot!  She has always been so low key on her shoots, but today she was just not feelin' it.  She wanted her mama... period!  When we first got started she sat in my chair but there would be no smiling, which of course is fine by me, I love the serious faces (they are some of my favorites).  
But  when we changed clothes and switched locations she made up her mind that her mama would be holding her from that point on.   Oh we tried.  Here... there... and everywhere.  But she was not interested in being put down any more.  Precious little Amelia!
 She was happy as a clam as long as mama was holding her!
 We went back to the car, tried warming up a bit and gave it another shot.  Nope...  she was not having it. 
So, we went with plan B.  We loaded up and headed to the coffee shop (just being in a coffee shop makes me feel better and as fate would have it... it makes Amelia feel better too!!)

 Oh Yes, life was much better at the coffee shop!  Leslie and I got to enjoy the Winterland White Mocha YUM!! and we even managed to get the signature 9 month shot, STANDING!!!!

 Turned out to be a super fun shoot!  A super cute baby girl, coffee, and some great conversation!!

Tonight is date night with the girls, and Grandma will be here in 30 minutes.  The scary thing is, the girls are giving Snickers a bath, I shudder to think!!!  Poor snickers, that dog is a saint!
I'm not sure what Ryanne and I will do tonight, I'd like to talk her into pedicures... but she might see through my suggestion.  Perhaps a movie since we have some extra time tonight, time will tell.
Enjoy your President's day!!

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