Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Cooking Blog in my future?????? Umm... NO!

 I have a nasty little habit of deciding on "the day" that I want to do something "more" to celebrate.  This usually leaves me scrambling to throw something together with stuff I have around the house, sometimes it works out brilliantly other times it does not.   So Rod is usually in charge of spoiling the girls on Valentine day and I just sit back and watch a daddy dote on his daughters but this year at 2:30 in the afternoon (1 hour before I had to pick up the girls at school I decided to make them sugar cookies for a tasty Valentine snack.  I rushed to get my recipe for "Della's Sugar Cookies" just a touch of nutmeg makes these cookies the B-E-S-T!!  Panic struck when I couldn't find it.  Now a normal person would have simply walked away and decided to either come up with something else or just let Rod handle the Valentine festivities.  I am not that person.  I was determined to make sugar cookies.  I remembered that I had seen a recipe on Pinterest  for "Paradise Bakery Sugar Cookies" I would make those.  

Now have you ever been on those cooking blogs where all those pictures look amazing, each step is a work of art and their kitchens are equally as lovely???                                                                           
 That's not exactly how it went at my house...  I grabbed the ingredients (well almost, it called for 2 cups of shortening and I only had a cup so I thought I would improvise with 1 cup of butter, but all my butter was frozen, so I popped it in the microwave... in the wrappers for, umm.... too long!  What a mess!)
 Moving on I put the sugar and powdered sugar in the bowl with the rubber spatula, I reached to plug in the mixer and quickly discovered that the mixer was in the "ON" position!!!  Powdered sugar went flying everywhere!!!  With the rubber spatula flaying around like a fish out of water!!
 Well... I don't see a fancy cooking blog in my future!!   In the end my kitchen and microwave were a MESS!!! But the cookies were a hit.  
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!  Mine is going to include an Art Show, a jewelry party, a birthday dinner at the Cheesecake factory (not my birthday, but my gal pal Amity!), church and Home Fellowship!!  Should be a fun one!!  OH!!! and last night we got to teach the Cromwell's how to play Nertz!!

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