Monday, February 27, 2012

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Well, it's Monday... again and it WINDY AGAIN!!!  Oh the wind, I long for the day when my patio furniture will actually stay on the patio.  Ya know, even though it reeks havoc on my photo shoots I don't hate the wind.  Actually one of my favorite things to do it sit on my back patio late at night, when it's quiet  and the sky is clear, stars everywhere and just let the wind wash over me.  I often tell my girls that I can feel God in the wind.
So by now, you must recognize this handsome fella, it's CLARK!!  My monthly buddy!  Look at him showing off his standing up skills!

Clark brought the whole family along this time for some family shots!   You can't tell in this picture, but holy cow was the snow deep!!  All the way up to my knee!!  I am sure they thought I was plumb crazy dragging them through the snow, I'm sorry I just can't help it!
 Love this picture of Ally and Aidan!

Oh Clark...  those dreamy eyes of yours.  Make my heart melt into a pile of mooshy goo!!
 Another fave of the day...  the daddy daughter shot!  So sweet!  
Rod and I watched the movie "Courageous" last night, I know, we are little behind... oh my goodness, I was crying my eyes out when the one dad took his daughter out for dinner at that fancy restaurant and gave his baby girl a ring and asked her to trust him with her heart...  
there is NOTHING like a good daddy!!  NOTHING!

 Well the Harris family were good sports, huffin' it through the snow
 and I enjoyed every single minute of it!
See you next month, Mr. Clark!!
 It has been quite a morning so far...  I woke up with swollen eyes  from all the crying I did last night watching that silly movie.  I got the girls out the door to school and settled in to do my Bible Study.  It started off with an interview, sounded like fun to me, but in the end my little mind was swimming.  My thoughts were whirling around like a twister filled with all sorts of debris, I broke down in tears and had a little out loud discussion with God.  "I just wish you were here with me and could reach out and hold my hand right now."  In my spirit I felt the nudge to grab a daily devotional that I am reading... the verse for the day?  Psalms 73:23  Yet I (me) am always with You (God), You hold me by your right hand.
This is why, I believe...  

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