Friday, February 17, 2012

Portrait Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

 Yesterday I was with Mark, Tamara, Hailey and Paige.   I enjoyed these little girls so much.  
 Paige had in her mind exactly how she wanted to look for her photos, she had this little head tilt and sly smile practiced to perfection.  I think it's adorable and it is definitely one of those "take you back in time" photos.  No doubt, years from now these photos of Paige will prompt the "Oh remember how she..."  I LOVE those kind of photos!!

 Both girls were so polite and behaved so amazingly well!!  It was pretty darn chilly but they were such brave little troopers, they were such a joy to work with!

So??? do you have big plans for the weekend?  I am looking forward to our dinner guests, the Cromwells and playing some "Settler's of Catan" this evening.  Which means I really should wrap things up here and start some cooking!  Have a great weekend!  I will see you next week! Cija


Joyce Lott said...

What beautiful photos!!! It is as if I were right there when I looked at them!!

3 Wishes Photography said...

Thank you Mrs. Lott!