Thursday, February 23, 2012

Newborn Photography in Castle Rock, CO

Ah.... isn't baby Alexia the sweetest little thing you have EVER seen!  My goodness, what a pretty baby and a delight to work with!  I just love those sleepy babies!!

I am such a big fan of Newborn shoots, I just want to stalk pregnant ladies 
(that would be bad wouldn't it?!?!?)
That's why I need you to do it for me!!!

 Alexia was 1 week old on the day of her shoot!  Which was absolutely perfect.  
Mom and Dad were excited to have her picture taken with giant frog, doesn't she look precious all tucked in?!?! I think she would have been quite content to just stay there the rest of the day. 

The photo and above and the one below are two of my faves, little Alexia was squirming around, and I just loved her little tongue!  and below I LOVE the contrast of "big strong dad" and the absolutely dependency of a little baby. The "SWEET" in sweetness!

We took a vote and daddy lost... he got the booty!

OH, just look at those little piggies!!!!  YUM!

This is the ONLY time a butt crack is cute and it's SOOOOO CUTE!

So... what is with the snow?!? I thought they said an inch?  Instead I have a house full of restless children!  
Hmmm... I will need to come up with a Plan B!
Hugs, Cija

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