Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baby Photographer in Parker, CO

 Phew!!  Has it been busy!  Which I am so grateful for, but I am still trying to get used to this summer pace.  It's completely different with 3 little girls running around.  On Wednesday, I got to be with little Emily for her 3 month milestone pictures, she was just the sweetest little one!!  I LOVE her little expression in the photo below, those furrowed little eyebrows, love, Love, LOVE it!!
 Seriously????  How sweet is she?!?!?

 Emily's shoot was not with out adventure... the sprinklers turned on!!  We where scrambling like crazy people to gather all our stuff and get out of there!!

Well... for now I must go.  I was just informed the girls are doing a bake sale with snow cones and hair bows!!   (Wow... I am impressed Melia made approximately 50 hair bows all by herself!)

Be back soon with a sneak peek of Emma!!

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