Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wedding Photographer in Castle Rock CO

We need to rewind to last Saturday and the Wedding Day of Ann and Bill.  Can I just be honest?
Weddings make me sooooo nervous!!  There is just so much pressure!  Every time I ask myself 
"Cija! What were you thinking!!" 
 But... I really do love it at the same time.  Let me qualify... I love the outdoor, natural light variety... flash photography is just not my thing.  So Ann and Bill's wedding would be perfect!  They were all set to be married at 4:00 in the afternoon at the Spring Valley Golf Course. 
It POURED!!  and POURED!! and  POURED!!  add to the rain wind!!  When I arrived I found her white wedding chairs toppled over by the wind and a small river running through what should have been the isle. It was not looking good.  We waited... took a few pictures of the Groom and Groomsmen and then waited some more.

 Meanwhile, Ann and her bridesmaids took some extra time getting ready.  I just love the picture below of her best friend and sister looking on... 
 Gotta love the wedding boots!!  

 Finally the weather cleared just enough for us to move forward with the ceremony on the patio of the club house.  

 "You may kiss the Bride."  I just love the little ring bearer's excitement!!
 "I present to you, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Payne"
 I was just down right giddy when the weather cleared enough to hit the course 
and take some bridal party photos.  

 I just LOVED the sunflower bouquets, but holy smokes were they heavy!!

 Bill was very excited to use this old truck in the photos (I was a pretty big fan too!)
We had a pretty exciting moment during the wedding party pictures, much of the golf cart trials are dirt and on this particular day just plain mud.  At one point the golf cart carrying the Bride got stuck in the mud (am I very sad, because I was sure I got pictures but when I got home I have pictures of right before and right after... I must have froze!  I was really worried the we had got ourselves into a big mess!! and didn't know how we were going to get the Ann out of that giant muddy mess!)  Fortunately, one of the wedding guests was tagging along with us... he was behind her in a cart of his own and sacrificed himself to push her free, he was covered in mud but a HERO for sure!

 After an hour or so of pictures it was time to head back for the reception.  A BBQ spread with all the yummy fixin's!
 This was actually my first wedding reception that had a dance and they certainly did... 
dance the night away!
 This is Ann dancing with her daddy... precious.
I had the best time working with Ann and Bill (by the way I called her Pam for most of the night, you all know my name issues!!  I need help... SERIOUSLY!!!)  She was so sweet to me and just a pleasure to around.  I wish them all the best and a long and happy marriage!  
Well, I am going to call it a night!  See you again tomorrow, with a look at Amelia's shoot!
Nighty Night!  Cija

Updates of Prayer Requests....
Adi has been on a roller coaster of ups and downs.  She needs continued prayer for her lungs in particular.  For more info you can check her website at
Tamara (Lung Transplant) is making her way through a very long and slow recovery, I didn't realize just how involved it would be.  She is making steady but slow progress and has done some sitting up and standing on the edge of the bed this past week.
New request - A client's sister (Amber) was in a very serious car accident last night, they believe that her spinal cord was severed she is in critical condition and in desperate need of prayer.
Thanks so all of you who have been praying and who have been so faithful to follow up on these requests. 

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