Saturday, June 9, 2012

High School Senior Photography in Castle Rock, CO

"It's the most wonderful time of the year, oh the Seniors are coming and mama's are crying in fear of next year!!! It's the most wonderful time of the YEAR!!!!" 
(Don'tcha just wish this blog had sound, so you could hear me singing!!)
  It's here!!  It's finally here!!  Senior time!!!  Can I get a WooHoo!!  Yes... I am a little excited!

And this lovely Senior is... Margot from Cherry Creek High School.  She hopes to attend the University of Michigan (that's where dad went) but... she is not sure what she is going to study quite yet.

Margot is a big golfer... in fact our original plan was to take pictures on the golf course but that crazy storm the other night destroyed all the pretty flowers, so we ended up making a quick location change.  WOW!  What a beautiful night to be out taking pictures!!

I am A BIG FAN of Margot's boots!!  
(Of course, I would never look that cute in them but in my mind wow!  I look amazing!)

OH... this is Margot's family, mom, dad and big brother Matthew who is heading off to college in the fall.
Well, I can't stay too long today... I am still plugging away on Bill and Ann's sneak peek from their wedding last Saturday and then I need to get started on Amelia's 1 YEAR OLD sneak peek and then I am meeting up with Ande for her Senior shoot in just a couple of hours!  Fun Fun Fun!!  Be back soon!

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