Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Senior Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

Saturday night I was with Ande a 2013 Senior!!  I am ashamed to admit I was so into the shoot I forgot to find out what Ande's plans are for after high school!!  Oops!
This was a super fun shoot, because of Ande's colorful personality!!  She was animated and so much fun to work with.  I wanna do it again!
 And SO photogenic!!  With that sassy hair and beautiful blue eyes!!  I couldn't stop, I dragged them around until the sun gave up on us and not one complaint!  
 Ande's mom and younger brother came along, so it was a family affair!
 So, I had to move this bike... holy smokes those bikes weigh a ton!!  I am not even kidding!  I was tempted to just leave it, it looked better where I had it anyway!  But I was a good little Cija and put it back where I found it. Now if I could just get my kids to do that.  

 So... is the ferocious dog picture throwing you?  Is that a scary looking dog or what?  Well...
 not according to Peter O'Grady, Peter thinks he "is cuter than a bug's ear".  Our shoot was not with out adventure, while shooting on this porch, Peter and his dog came out to see what we were doing.  Peter was an older man... weathered and worn with eyes the palest blue.  He wore army beige and green over his tattooed skin and his breath smelled of cigarettes.  I showed Peter the pictures we took on his porch and when I had finished he asked if I would do him a favor.  Peter wanted a picture of his dog.  I snapped a couple, shuck Peter's hand and intended to be on my way.  Peter had something else in mind... he was happy to have some company and was wanting to take full advantage of it.  
"Do you have 5 minutes?" He asked.
"No, but I will give you 2."  I replied.
Before I could even comprehend what I was doing I found myself following Peter and his dog into his apartment.  The only light was the low sun barely pushing it's way through the window, the sparse furniture was sprinkled with clothes, used dishes and empty cans.  Peter lead us a few steps to the north wall that was covered with framed letters, certificates and an old picture of a soldier (I remember the same kind of creamy photos of my grandparents).  He had rigged a reading lamp to a back of a chair to shine up on the wall so the letters could be read.  Peter asked me to read a letter written to him from President George Bush aloud because  as he said he "get's too emotional".  When I finished he asked me to read two more... I had to decline, I was after all on a photo shoot and the sun was setting.  But when I looked into those icy blue eyes they were filled with tears, tears of a very lonely man.  He stole a few extra moments showing us his father's purple heart and a photo of him kissing the Stanley Cup.  I gave Peter a hug and assured him that I would be back with the picture of his dog, and left.   When I got in the car and drove home, I heard that still small voice say... "Cija, what are you going to do about Peter O'Grady?"  And so the question has followed me since that night, what I'm a willing to do about Peter O'Grady?
Will I simply return with his picture and leave or will I be willing to be his friend?

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Aimee said...

I vote friend! I know you will anyhow, please share his stories with us
P.S. I love the colors of Ande's shoot.