Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby Photographer Near Castle Rock, CO

 So clearly Denver parks do not have to follow the same watering guidelines that we do, because they watered their flower beds for almost an hour!  We were hoping to get some flowers in the background for Sloan's 6 month shoot but we had multiple thinks working against us
- the sprinklers
- the sun so stinkin' bright that it was impossible to keep little eyes open AND
- the flowers are still too little.
I guess flowers are more of a mid July early August thing.
So we started Sloan off in a basket... she has hip dysplasia and has been wearing a brace to hold things in place while her bones grow, so mom wasn't quite sure if she would be able to sit up on her own.  While she was a bit wobbly at first, with in a few minutes she was an old pro!
By the way... the photo below is my pic of the day!  That is the sweetest face!
 Can't you just hear her saying "And you thought I couldn't sit up on my own!"

 She worked real hard and bit an awesome job showing us how well she can sit up!  
WooHoo for Sloan!!!
But then... she was "All Done!  I beg of you... no more pictures!!"
See you in 3 months little girl!!

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