Friday, June 1, 2012

Family Photographer in Lonetree, Colorado

I was just thinking that this would be my 3rd post in one day, but then I realized that it has slipped into tomorrow, oh well...  Ya know, I told Dr. Clint that I was going to start going to bed earlier, well at least once a week, so I'm good!  Besides I have a good excuse, the plan is to take tomorrow off, meet up with a girlfriend and spend the day at the pool with the kids!  That is definitely worth the late night.
Last night I was with the Habert family.  I have know Scott for, let's see a little math at midnight may take a little longer...  22 years. (We were 5 when we met!  Oh bahaha!!)
 I actually used to work with Scott's brother, Jon (Bruce Willis on the Saying Goodbye to AKI post).
I may have missed the baby duck at April's shoot but HEY!!  There's a baby duck!  Im-it him cute?!?!?  I just wanna squish 'em.  Look at his little tootsie all up in the air...
 This lovely lady is Tasha...
and this is her twin brother, Tyler.
 And Scott's lovely Bride is Pam.

 It was a lovely night for a photoshoot, minus the wind but we managed to make it work!
Well, I am off to bed.
See you on the other side of the weekend!!

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