Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Family Photographer in Franktown, CO

 Time for another late night sneak peek!
I promised myself that I not work tonight…  
apparently, I am not very good at keeping promises to myself!
 But… it's always fun to edit the photos of friends!
When I decided to get crazy and start my own photography business, Erin was one of my very first customers, and she has been back every year since.  She has no idea just how much the means to me. 
Over the years I have watch this little girls grow into beautiful young ladies. 
And I got to take Stella's newborn photos! 

 I can't enough nice things about Erin, I just love her. 
And I can't wait till our lunch date in January!
 She introduced me to the chicken salad at White Chocolate Grill, every once in awhile I just have to have one!  So yummy!
Okay… I can't stay awake a moment longer.
 So, nighty night!

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