Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Family Photographer in Larkspur, CO

It's hump day!  Hey what happened to the camel? I haven't seen him in a while. 
Of course, I am the queen of DVR, so chances are he is still around and I am just missing him.
Now… to the reason we have all gathered here. The photos.
This is the Gavi family. 
and these are the wonderful and talented Gavi girls.
 What a couple of beauties, aye?
 I have know Jackie for quite sometime now.  I may be wrong but I think I first met her when she was in high school.  She sang a couple of solos at church, she has a beautiful voice. 
So… a few years later I asked her if she would sing at our Christmas tea and
then not too long after that she and I both sang back up in "Heart's Cry", a band my brother had put together, unfortunately the 2nd guitarist moved away and the band fell apart.
Otherwise, I am pretty sure we would currently be on tour with a couple of Dove awards on the shelf. 

 Jackie is INSANELY creative! Last winter, I went to a client house to do a boudoir shoot and I noted this awesome chalk board with shannazy writing in her dining room.  I was not at all surprised when she said "Oh Jackie Gavi did that for me."
 And… Jackie is the girl that does all my fancy christmas cards!
All one of kind designs! In fact all I have to do is look up… that are all hanging over my monitor!

 And she doesn't just have talent oozing out of her…
she's NICE too!!  Like super nice!

 So, I guess what I am saying is, if you ever have a chance to meet her. DO! 
Your  life will be blessed simply by knowing her. 
 and right about now, she is all embarrassed that I have spent so much time talking about how awesome she is!
 Jeff is one lucky man!
 Well, I am off!  Hitting the hay, early tonight because I have Bible study bright and early in the morning.

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